Miss Conception

We live in a society where misconceptions about performing arts isolate the artist and make their medium taboo. It is on this premise that we founded Ellavations, an advocacy group whose mission it is to bring pole dancing out of the dark corners of the public’s conscious and into the respected spotlight as an elevated art form that we believe it deserves. Founder Jessica Silva’s own conscious shift began when she was looking for a new dance form to study. Pole dancing came into play in 2011, self-taught by watching YouTube videos, but only as a fun fitness and dance outlet. She began researching pole dancing and soon found out that the misconceptions surrounding the art were hindering the attention that the dedicated dancers and athletes deserved. As Silva began to learn more about the art, she came to see it not as a low-level exercise used by strippers in order to up their nightly tips, but a truly mesmerizing and difficult art form.

Over the next few months, you will see the Ellavations co-creators and Aerial Pole Artists in New York City Parks and public spaces not only captivating the people of the city that never sleeps, but changing minds, shifting perspective and inspiring people to begin their own journey with the elevated art.

To stay conscious of our change in frequency. We will be updating our Facebook page with the latest.


Written by Chris O' Brien