Aerial Pole Art & Dance Productions offers professional choreography, dance shows, performances, talent & more for special events in NYC.

NYC's Top, Best Dance Shows & Performances in NYC. Enhance any event with live entertainment.

We are a growing dance production company, in the entertainment industry, focused on providing some of the most exclusive dance talent and instructors in NYC. We work with special event services companies, event coordinators, and individuals looking for professional dance performers, choreographers and dance shows as live entertainment for almost every occasion.

ELLAVATIONS was founded in New York City, in 2014, initially to connect Aerial Pole Dance Artists with one another and showcase the mesmerizing beauty of pole dance, as an elevated performance art, to help cease the stigma behind it. Outdoor events, suitable for all ages, were held throughout the city to portray pole dancing in a new light and shift perspectives. The audience responded very well and seemed to be accepting of this form. As the followers grew, through social media platforms, so did the ambition to make Ellavations even more awe-inspiring. A collection of NYC's most talented dance artists, including versatile dancers and aerialists, emerged.

This is where you'll find them.

Our Mission

Creating unforgettable experiences with the world by mesmerizing audiences with the love & passion for dance by those who live for it.

What sets us apart from other companies?

Our talent is selected exclusively from within the NY dance community and NYC social scenes. This means our talent has been selected from a naturally competitive environment. Talent cannot pay to be featured on ELLAVATIONS and is not featured by request of the talent. Dancers are specifically selected by an ELLAVATIONS’ talent acquisition specialist.

Here, you will meet some of the top International and National dancers currently residing and available in New York City. The professional talent featured on ELLAVATIONS has been carefully chosen and we strive on offering the best for unique and unforgettable experiences.

Who We Are

As professional dance artists and instructors, with years of experience in the "dance life," we know what is expected by us and what works best for our talent and our clients. Dance artists take years in attaining the level or professionalism they acquire and there is no question to revere our talent's craft. ELLAVATIONS holds in high regards its talent and clients respectfully. 

How the name was born

What name would include being elevated and tailored to both men and women? ELLAVATIONS! And it is for everyone!

What's In The Name? EL (Spanish) - He, Him & ELLA (Spanish) - She, Her



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Mike Kiley

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