Theme Party, Corporate Event, Special Occasion, Private Affair, Theatrical Event, 
Trade Show or Club Date.


We provide professionally trained dancers of many styles. Our talent appears showcase ready, including costume, hair and makeup ready!

Let us know what type of event you are producing so we can offer you talent that fits your theme.

Booking Fees & Cancellation Policy:

Length of booking time must be stated prior to booking and must be stated at the time of booking for complete agreement from all parties. Time bookings must be paid, whether used or not.

Fees/rates may be on the basis of quotes for ELLAVATIONS' particular talent(s); thereby fees/rates may vary by performance, category, and media usage.

We highly value and respect our talent's time and commitment as they refuse other bookings when officially booked through ELLAVATIONS for any of our highly regarded clients. A rate/fee will be charged for a job cancelled after it has been a confirmed booking. A confirmed booking is when all parties have mutually consented and/or agreed to the bookings prior to and at booking. In addition, a written notification has been given and/or sent to the client(s) by an ELLAVATIONS Representative mentioning that one or more of ELLAVATIONS' Talent(s) has been booked and confirmed for the particular project. Cancellation policy is as followed:

  • 1. Less than 24 hours notice: Full session rate/fee will be applied.
  • 2. Between 24-72 hours notice: 50% of session rate/fee will be applied.
  • 3. More than 48 hours notice: No charge. **********Notice must be given Monday – Friday, 8:30am-5pm, working business hours. Anything after the given time and days MAY BE SUBJECT to any of the following above cancellation policy. Please do contact an ELLAVATIONS Representative in regarding this issue.

Client(s) Responsibility: The following are client responsibilities: Full disclosure of any extraordinary conditions or requirements for a specific job. Provide ELLAVATIONS with complete billing information prior to a booking. Any on-set discrepancies should be reported to ELLAVATIONS immediately, and will only be discussed prior to assignment completion. Provide ELLAVATIONS with wardrobe requirements, shoot location, time and date and furnish safe and secure dressing/holding facilities for talent(s). Provide any specific weather permits regarding booking.

Employer Liability: Talent(s) are not the employees of ELLAVATIONS.


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